[Daily Post Prompts] My precious

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « Pride and Joy. »

What a difficult question to answer! There are so many things I treasure; so many things I couldn’t live properly without, so many thing I would be lost without.
It could be my old books (especially one which was printed in 1888), it could be my Baudelaire books (by and about him) collections, it could be my books in general.
It could be my DVD’s and CD’s collection.
It could be my figurines.
It could be all these little trinkets I harbour.
It could be my porcelain dolls.
It could be my photographs.

But I think the thing I treasure the most, the thing I couldn’t live without, the thing I’d be lost without is my laptop.

All my life is in it.
My movies and TV shows.
My drawings.
My writings.
My photographs.
My music.
My so-called social life (since I’ve got next to none IRL due to my social phobia).
My everything.


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