[Daily Post Prompt] My worst fear

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Fright Night

What am I the most scared of? There a lot of things that I fear but the one that totally paralyzed me is talking to people I don’t know (very much).
Next week I have a appointment with a shrink (first time I’ll see one). This appointment is at the old people house (is this the right term?)(anyway) and I am very anxious because I’ll have to:

  1. ask people where I have to go since I don’t know the place
  2. tell people I’m here to see a shrink (will people judge me for it? Probably since people are stupid and very judgemental in my town. And stupid. Have I mention they’re stupid?)
  3. talk to a doctor I never met before (and I go there because I’m scared of talking to people I don’t know; so doing I thing I fear to determine why I fear it *sigh*)(well, my family doctor already said I suffer from social phobia but I need to see a « specialist » now)(f*ck ’em)

I still have a week to wait till then and I’m starting to feel the panic rising.

So what would it take to make me do what I’m scared of? A lot of courage and somebody to see I don’t run away (read: lock myself in my room and never go out again).

So, that’s it: my worst fear is people.


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