Regular features – UPDATE

Some days ago I posted a list of future features saying that I intended to do a « 365… » (which should be a « 366… », in fact) and a « 52… » in 2016 but didn’t know what yet. I now know. So here is an updated list:

  • Monday: starting January 4th « 52 divinities part. 2« . A short text about a divinity (the one from the previous Friday, since the year starts a Friday)
  • Tuesday: Mardi Musique (=Tuesday Music) ; kinda sort of « Song of the day »
  • Wednesday: every two weeks (starting December 2nd), « SPN en musique » (= Music in SPN), a series of articles analysing the music in Supernatural
  • Thursday: Jeudi Poésie (=Thursday Poem); starting December 3rd, I’ll write a poem (or post one of a famous author if I’m not inspired)
  • Friday: starting January 1st « 52 divinities part. 1« . A drawing of a divinity.
  • Saturday: Samedi Citation (=Saturday Quote); a quote that I love or is significant in my opinion
  • Sunday: My fandomic week; summary of all I watched (movies and/or TV shows) and read (fanfiction) during the week

Every day of the year:

  • MeWorlde
  • 366 objects (Instagram)
  • 366 cadavres exquis (=exquisite corpses); one sentence a day

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