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Regular features – UPDATE

Some days ago I posted a list of future features saying that I intended to do a « 365… » (which should be a « 366… », in fact) and a « 52… » in 2016 but didn’t know what yet. I now know. So here is an updated list:

  • Monday: starting January 4th « 52 divinities part. 2« . A short text about a divinity (the one from the previous Friday, since the year starts a Friday)
  • Tuesday: Mardi Musique (=Tuesday Music) ; kinda sort of « Song of the day »
  • Wednesday: every two weeks (starting December 2nd), « SPN en musique » (= Music in SPN), a series of articles analysing the music in Supernatural
  • Thursday: Jeudi Poésie (=Thursday Poem); starting December 3rd, I’ll write a poem (or post one of a famous author if I’m not inspired)
  • Friday: starting January 1st « 52 divinities part. 1« . A drawing of a divinity.
  • Saturday: Samedi Citation (=Saturday Quote); a quote that I love or is significant in my opinion
  • Sunday: My fandomic week; summary of all I watched (movies and/or TV shows) and read (fanfiction) during the week

Every day of the year:

  • MeWorlde
  • 366 objects (Instagram)
  • 366 cadavres exquis (=exquisite corpses); one sentence a day

MeWorlde + My Fandomic Week

Word of the day: Headache


So. New feature. Well, first of a list of new features. A little summary of what I watched or read during the week.

V For Vendetta (article only in French)
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks

TV shows:
Supernatural S11E07: A good episode but not the best of the season. I was very happy to see Donna again, though; she’s awesome. I loved the fact that Sam talked about his prayers and visions to Dean.

My Little Pony S04E13 to S04E17

Doctor Who S09E10: After « Sleep No More », it’s really cool to have a good episode (« Sleep No More » was horrible). But of course, the end of « Face the Raven » is not very welcome but, hey, it has to happen some day, so. Yeah, nearly-very good episode.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones S01E01: I only watched the pilot as I write those words but I plan to binge-watch the first season immediatelly after I post this article. Cause it’s very promising.

I haven’t watch a lot of episodes/movies this week but everything was quite pleasant, and well, quality is better than quantity when it comes to visual media.


I also added a drawing in Paillette dessine / Paillette draws if somebody is interested.

[Writing 101] « If we were having coffee right now… » (English only)

If we were having coffee right now I wouldn’t drink coffee at all but probably some milk or coke (withour sugar nor caffeine) or maybe green tea if I wanted some hot beverage.

If we were having coffee right now it would mean we know each other very well or that I’m « cured » of my social phobia (which would be awesome).

If we were having coffee right now I wouldn’t be very talkative. But if I were, I would be ranting against the world.

If we were having coffee right now maybe I wouldn’t feel so sad and angry.

If we were having coffee right now maybe I wouldn’t be afraid.

If we were having coffee right now…